Potential not Problems
Strength-Based Approach
Our programme works with girls based on their potential, not the presence or absence of problems. The programme focuses on the participant’s mental and physical health and aims to empower her with the skills and tools to grow into the best versions of herself.

Healthy Mind

Healthy Mind

A healthy mind promotes a healthy body and enables us to focus and be productive. How can you achieve a healthy mindset? Join the Grow Girl 21 Day challenges to learn daily mindfulness activities that will inspire and motivate you to push yourself until you learn what your capabilities truly are.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

EAT RIGHT, FEEL AMAZING! Food should be fuel for our bodies and not therapy. We need to feed our bodies what it needs to feel energised. Grow Girl does not provide you with diet plans but instead helps you create new habits to encourage consistency of healthy eating.

Healthy Body

Healthy Body

Working to maintain a healthy body from a young age allows you to do more of the things you enjoy and less time feeling lethargic and tired. Grow Girl provides you with interesting challenges that inspire you to focus on your health, the aim is for you to fall in love with taking care of yourself.



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Holistic Wellness Programme 
Designed for South African girls between the ages of 13-19
Grow Girl offers a safe space for Girls to empower themselves and each other whilst growing a new generation of leaders. We use the analogy of growing a garden to encourage growth in the girls. Learning and understanding who you are is presented in the form of a variety of fun, exciting challenges that are gamified to encourage participation and completion of activities. Girls earn buds as they complete activities.

Grow Girl affords the girls a tier membership of 3 levels:
Grow Girl general member (GGM), 
Grow Girl Leader (GGL) and 
Grow Girl Ambassador (GGA). 
This motivates the girls to strive harder to get to the next level.



Choose What Works For You
Grow Girl App
We have ‘appified’ Grow Girl ie. We have adapted it for the mobile-savvy generation. The app is built on a solid wellness methodology, yet it still manages to be user-friendly and fun. It includes all the elements of the workshops and the workbook.

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On Request
Grow Girl Workshops
Workshops cover topics that are essential for teens to understand and are rolled out either online or in-person at schools. Each 1-hour workshop focuses on mental and physical health, meditation tips, guided journaling prompts, exercise techniques, goal setting exercises and healthy eating tips.  We also cover puberty, healthy relationships, being comfortable in your own skin, circumstances do not define who a person should be.

We also share examples of young women who beat the odds and excel at life even whilst going through tough challenges.


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Grow Girl Workbook
The workbook supports the workshop but can also be used on its own. It has two 
21-day challenges that take the girls on a journey of growth. The workbook also includes a gamification element where users earn buds for completing challenges. 

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Since 2021

Our Team has Over 20 Years Experience in this Sector!
Workshop Options
Live participants
Virtual participants
Why Choose Us
Mobile App

Access anywhere and anytime.

Gamified Challenges

It provides the participants with a sense of achievement.

Better learning experience.

Prompts behavioural change. 

Strength-Based Approach 

Grow Girl focuses on the positive attributes of the clients.

Holistic Model

Grow Girl programmes work on the clients body and mind focusing on their wellness and not just the problems the client might be facing

Customised Workshops

Address the client's specific needs.

Flexible Times

Understanding that Grow Girl members will need to attend workshops after school hours the team are flexible in providing virtual and in person workshops.

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